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A Mobile App for Parents On-The-Go!

A new smart phone app for caregivers and parents of young children, Talk Around Town provides individualized, real-time, location-specific messages aimed at promoting parent and child interaction during community outings

Some of the many reasons you should use Talk Around Town!

Use GPS in a new way

Receive real-time communication tips on-the-go

Practice communication skills in new settings

Different tips delivered with each outing!

Improving Quality of Life

Our aim is to improve the life skills of our users and target groups through Talk Around Town Apps, here's how they work:

Using an Android Mobile Device, a User receives tips and notifications when they enter a designated "Waypoint" to help prime and remind them to perform certain tasks

Depending on the App, these tips and notifications are populated either by a professional mentor/monitor, or by the users themselves.

The Tips can be changed on the fly from the Talk Around Town Web Dashboard, or can even be randomly selected when a user enters a designated "Waypoint"

Get Tips and Suggestions Anywhere, discretely.

The main idea behind "The Talk Around Town" is to provide valuable tips and interventions for users in both a convenient, in order to avoid unwanted attention or social stigma (thus also improving Quality of Life.)

We developed the Android Mobile App to be both convenient and discrete by:

Providing phone notifications utilizing the phones native alert sound (So it appears as just another message.)

Unobtrusive notifications that can be dismissed if the User isn't in a 'good spot' to view the tips or act to act on them.
Notifications which are viewable from the devices 'lock screen', making it easier to take a 'quick peek.'

Customization that Matters!

Select specific settings where you want to receive tips

Tips adjust to your preferences

Save tips for later viewing

Interactions made fun!

Have fun trying new ways to talk to your child

Children hear words and learn skills unique to settings outside the home

Outings become fun, language-learning experiences

Privacy and Security

Because of the nature of the platform, as well as the research being done, We developed Talk Around Town to be particularly secure. All hosted information for the users is de-identified, sanitized and HPAA compliant.

Depending on the requirements of the Project, Talk Around Town can utilize a security module to ONLY connect directly to the projects serverthus preventing accidental data-leakage or 'Man in the Middle Attacks'

Device Access can be controlled via multiple means, and can be enabled/disabled ad-hoc from the Projects Waypoint-Dashboard implementation

Accolades and Awards


Juniper Gardens Children's Project
444 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 300
Kansas City, KS, 66101
talkaroundtownapp@gmail.com (current)